Turntable Lazy Susan, 4 Sections

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Turntable Lazy Susan, 4 Sections

  • FOUR REMOVABLE SECTIONS: Excellent for storing smaller items that you want to keep separated from each other. Each section has a convenient handle for easy removal and handling.
  • CLEAR AND CLASSY: Transparent design lets you see everything the turntable cabinet organizer is holding and also enables it to fit in with any style décor.
  • ROTATING 360 DESIGN: Smoothly turns a complete 360 degree allowing easy access to all your items, while saving space and eliminating clutter.
  • ORGANIZED STORAGE: Keeps everything tidy and neat while enabling hard to reach items in the back of your cabinet to be moved easily to the front.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Use it to hold spices, condiments, vitamins, skin care products or cosmetics; it’s perfect for keeping items neat and organized.

Maximize storage space, keeping items organized and separated from each other. Easy to find and easy to reach. Especially useful in deep cabinets where items would otherwise be difficult to find.

The turntable smoothly rotates 3600 for quick easy access to everything it holds. Plus, the transparent design allows you to see everything at a simple glance.

Not limited to the kitchen, these turntable organizers are useful anywhere in your home. Use them to hold vitamins, medicine bottles, skin care products, cosmetics, and DIY craft supplies.