Mesh Laundry Bags, Zippered (Set of 6)

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Mesh Laundry Bags, Zippered (Set of 6)

  • PROTECT CLOTHING: Keep hosiery, lingerie and other delicate clothing separate and safe from getting snagged, caught or entangled with other garments.
  • HIGH QUALITY MESH: Designed to allow soap and water to flow through easily, so everything gets cleaned well while staying protected.
  • SECURE ZIPPER CLOSURE: Zipper closes easily, locking garments inside; no messy drawstrings to get stuck and wound around other garments in the load.
  • WASHER AND DRYER SAFE: Use straight from the washer into the dryer. Great for keeping socks paired together or separating a specific item to be able to find easily within the load.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: Set of six varying sizes to accommodate all types of laundry items; keep everything looking fresh and new. 1 Extra Large (24” x 24”), 2 Large (20” x 16”) and 3 Medium (16” x 12”).

Extend the life of your clothing
Prevents delicate fabrics from getting entangled with or snagged from other items during the washing and drying cycles. Perfect for hosiery, lingerie, slips, stockings and fine knits.

Breathable Mesh
Allows soap and water to flow easily through the bag, so everything inside gets clean while still staying protected.

Zipper Closure
Securely keeps your delicate items locked safely inside the bag without the use of drawstrings that easily get caught and wound around other laundry items.