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  • Hosiery Pantyhose Wash Protector Bag

Hosiery Pantyhose Wash Protector Bag


Product Description

This innovative mesh laundry bag protects your delicate hosiery in the washing machine.  It keeps them isolated from the rest of your laundry so their fine fabric does not get caught or snagged on anything.  Three zippered compartments are available in which to place your hosiery, preventing them from becoming entangled with each other or with other apparel in the load.  Constructed from mesh material, water and detergent are able to easily flow and circulate through the wash bag to clean your hosiery while they remain protected.  Your hosiery will stay in good condition longer when they are protected using this wash bag.  This item is also ideal for washing lingerie; no more worries of hooks or straps getting caught and tangled with other garments in the washing machine.  It can even be used to prevent socks from getting separated and lost.  With a variety of ways to utilize the hosiery wash protector bag, it is sure to extend the life of your delicate garments and save you time and money.

  • ISOLATES DELICATE HOSIERY:  Keep your fine hosiery separated from the rest of your laundry items while machine washing.
  • PREVENTS HOSIERY FROM GETTING SNAGGED OR TORN:  Hosiery is separated from the rest of the load so it doesn’t get caught on anything.
  • THREE ZIPPERED COMPARTMENTS:  Hosiery can be placed in different sections to stop them from getting entangled.
  • CONSTRUCTED FROM DURABLE MESH:  Allows water and detergent to circulate through to clean your hosiery.
  • KEEPS HOSIERY IN GOOD CONDITION LONGER:  Extend the life of these delicate items by protecting them through the washing cycle.

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