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About Us

Handy Laundry is a manufacturer of items that appeal to not just the everyday person but also to companies that want to bring the same reliable and innovative products to their consumers. This vast expanding company has been in the business for over ten years, with employees that have worked and grown side by side with some of the most successful companies on the east coast. Taking pride in learning the trade, the owners have taken their learning experiences and brought us Handy Laundry. Handy Laundry is now a wide known manufacturer that sells wholesale and retail prices to their most loyal customers. Doing this has given the world the satisfaction of organized and custom laundry necessities. Being able to say, “Made in the US” is the largest identifier that separates Handy Laundry from their competitors. Till this day, they are expanding their product lines and locations to meet the needs of the demanding economy. The strength of their company relies on the ability to produce and customize orders to every consumer’s needs in order to make for a profitable future for not only the loyal customer but their reputation as an expanding provider as well.